Problems with banshee

Hi guys!
I have some problems with banshee 1.0, i cant play movies. exactly i can hear the sound but i cant see anything. when i try to play it, the sistem asks to me if i wanna download a codec, but when i clic “yes” it says that an error happened during download. I have the same problem with Kaffeine/KDE3 (i cant hear the sounds).
Do i have to use an installation CD during download and installing of the patches, software, codec, etc…?
Sorry guys, i don’t know computers very well, but fixing this problem i’ll finally throw windows away!!

Thank you

sorry, i wrote wrong, with kaffeine i can hear the sound but i can’t see the movie…

Please see:

Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community

Read the info and follow the appropriate guide.

Have also a read about the “codecs” and other restricted formats issues: Multimedia Support in

Restricted Formats - openSUSE