Problems with Autostart of programs after boot

I installed 11.0 (KDE4.1) on my MacBook about a week ago and it’s working fairly well.
However, the startup is not as smooth as it should be due to these problems:

  1. I have a fusion-icon symlink in ~/.kde4/Autostart but fusion-icon does NOT start on start-up. However, when everything else has settled down and I restart X, now fusion-icon starts when X comes back up.

  2. kcheckgmail starts on boot but complains of a broken link to Gmail. After I restart X (which I need to do to get fusion-icon working), kcheckgmail now works perfectly

  3. Compiz works perfectly after start-up other than the fact that KDE is the Window Decorator even though I have placed “emerald --replace” in the command box of the Window Decorator plugin in CCSM. Also, fusion-icon had Emerald as the selected WD.
    To get Emerald to take over as WD, I need to run “emerald --replace” in a run-box.

Can anybody advise me on how to get over these anomalies?