Problems with "at"-jobs

Hi there,

I use a SLES-machine (should be similar to opensuse I guess) and ad AIX-machine and got the following error:
every time a none-root user runs an “at”-command on the linux machine, there is an error written into the errorreport of the AIX-machine. the error is the following:

<82>Jul 12 22:32:09 linux-hostname atd[10754]: PAM audit_log_user_message() failed: Operation not permitted

I already checked the files /etc/at.deny (exists with users listed like “alias, backup, bin, …” but not the user that causes the error-message) and /etc/at.allow (which does not exist but is not necessary, as far as I could read from the internet).
Can you make a guess or give me a hint what the problem could be?

Thanks in advice,

If you don’t get a definitive answer, you should probably file a bugzilla ticket for it. A web search gave various results which suggested that it might be a PAM issue. Check that you are up to date with updates though.

And I guess a lot of information is missing from your post. As I do not believe in magic (black nor white) I suppose there is some relation between the two systems. And my guess is that that relation is even more tight then just connection to the Internet (or even the same LAN), because I never experienced that a system having a problem made a log entry on some arbitrary other system. Even the fact that you say you happen to use both systems does explain anything imho.

Since this is about SLES, please post in Novell’s SLES/SLED forums, they will be better informed than us openSUSE users.