Problems with adding factory repository

I’m trying to add Index of /factory/repo/oss and Index of /factory/repo/non-oss to my repositories, but keep getting error messages when updating the cache.

Download failed: File ‘/content.key’ not found on medium ‘

History: - [] URI=

What am I doing wrong?

I get the same messages when trying to access not factory but (older) 11.2 Hope someone can give us advice.

You both are doing nothing wrong. If you go to the URL, you will see that there’s no such file as content.key right now. I get the error message to, continue even though and AFAICS the content of the repo is available.
You could file a bug report about this. It happened before. It was fixed the next day.

Bugzilla says this is resolved because it is not a bug. It says the OSS and NON-OSS repos (that we both go to see what the problem is) do not exist: use factory.


In fact they are right. If you look in the …/oss folder, you will see a content.key while this file is not there in …/non-oss. And that’s what the repo manager says. Error’s gone by the way.