Problems with 11.3 and XFCE

I am having a few problems using XFCE.

  1. Evolution crashes almost every time on first startup of the boot.

  2. Thunar (File Manager), can not navigate when in Detailed list view. You open one folder and thats it. Icon view works fine, except don’t like it.

  3. knosole, will only open on the desktop that the first knosole was opened. Using dual monitors with dual desktops not twinview or xenirama. If konsole is running on the left desktop and I try to start one on the right desktop it will open on the left.

  4. Mouse some times is stuck in one desktop, will not move between desktops.

  5. Knotiy crashes.

Is any one else having problems like these? Thanks

With problems like these and amarok crashing with nvidia drivier I almost want to ask when will the stable version of 11.3 be released? I think that openSUSE needs to go back to the longer time between releases.
Amarok crashing

Dave W.