Problems with 11.2 installation - Black screen

Hello to everyone,
This is my problem: i have an Acer 5920G with Vista and XP installed on the same HD but on different two partitions that i have created. I wanted to delete Win XP to install OpenSUSE. The first time I started the installation seemed that everything was going right but during the format of the XP partition, YaST gave me an error aborting the process.
When i tried to install this software again, the first screen, where you have to choose what you want to do, appears but, when i click on the “Install” button, a black screen appears and nothing happens anymore (i have to force the shutdown of the computer).
I have tried to change some settings, such as using Text Mode or Vesa, removing the ACPI Daemon, using the Drivers, but nothing changed.
The strange fact is that Win Vista works perfectly but he can’t see the rest of the disk, as i tried to format it with Ext4 file system.

Please someone help me!

P.S.: Sorry for my english! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums. Don’t apologize for your english, it’s fine.

It may look an odd question, but did you check your download and the media you burnt from it?
Does Vista ‘see’ unknown partitions, or none at all?
Have you switched off the machine completely inbetween your tries to get it working?

Thank you for repling Knurpht :slight_smile:

No, i haven’t checked the download and the burned cd. How can i check them?
Vista does not see anything, just its partition. But i’ve used GParted to repair the part that was uncompletely formatted by YaST.
I’ve switched off the machine between every try, not reboot.

I think that the problem is really in the burnt CD…

When you boot from the install disk, in the first menu, there’s an option ‘Check Install Media’. That should run and finish OK.
Which install medium did you download? There should be a md5sum available for the download.

I’ve done the md5sum and its ok, but when i tried to ‘Check Install Media’ i got the black screen…

The strange fact is that the first time started and now i only have black screen… I’ve used also Knoppix and GParted Live and they run!

Try burning a new CD, at lowest speed possible.

Ok i will try. Thank You :smiley: