Problems with 11.1 + KDE nvidia drivers

I have installed openSUSE many times on this computer (same hardware and everything). I currently own an 8800 GT 512 MB, and have installed the drivers fine several times before. I installed the one click nvidia drivers on this install and rebooted. X couldn’t start, so I had to switch to the nv driver in my xorg.conf. I have also tried the hard way method described in the wiki, but to no avail. So, The tools for nvidia are all installed, all of the dependencies are installed, but I still can’t use the nvidia driver. I have been stuck on this problem for about 2 weeks, and I need to get it working soon for my oGL development.

If you need any more info just say so… this post might be a little vague.

Thanks a bunch,

Did you try switching to single user mode (init 3 as root) and then trying to configure sas manually: Login as root type sax2. Configure the card and then exit. Then type init 5 to startx.

It appears the driver now loads :), but plasma crashes upon login, making my desktop almost unusable… :.


I would suggest removing the nvidia drivers, get your system back to the post install state.

boot into failsafe,

yast > software management

search for nvidia, and untick the 2 nvidia files.

Once done, reboot with the option 3 (hit 3 at the boot menu)

This will boot into runlevel 3.

login, then change to super user (su -)

run the command, sax2 -r

save changes and exit.

now type reboot.

Post back when your system is working. Or run the 1 click installer again.


If at this stage suse is not using the nvidia driver, assuming you are in the desktop (run level 5)

open a terminal, change to super user, type

su -

now type

telinit 3

Login as root (or your normal user but then change to super user, su -)

run sax2 -r

Confirm it is using the nvidia driver, save exit.

Type reboot.