problems w/ dolphin

I’ve experienced some problems with Dolphin. It crashed a lot, so hard that I’ve to reset the machine. I have a Vaio VGN SZ 750. Since OpenSUSE 11.1 it used to fail responding, or when i have to move a lot of files, it starts to slow the machine until I have to turn off or restart. I really don’t like it as I like Konqueror, so I’d like to know if I can uninstall Dolphin and use konqueror as default.
Sorry for my English and hope to be understood.
P.S. Can I use the camera, the digital-“reader” and the Nvidia cardof my laptop? Any link?

openSUSE 11.2 KDE4.3.5 and after clear many of the dolphin issues (graphics card can have some bearing)
You can use konqueror and can set it as the default if you choose. No need to remove dolphin, you can place konqueror onto the task bar too.
As of KDE4.4.0 and above dolphin is supposed to be now updating properly too but I haven’t test this myself.

P.S. Can I use the camera, the digital-“reader” and the Nvidia cardof my laptop? Any link?

yes, most likely you will be able to use these, and there’s plenty of information in this forum and on the openSUSE website. i don’t know any of them by heart though, and instead of me searching, you can do that yourself. per example, type nvidia graphic driver installation

into google search, and you’ll find plenty information. (tip: i’d try the articles with “SDB:” in front first; these are articles in the new wiki and should have up-to-date information.)


regarding your first question, dolphin acting up, i don’t think it’s a video card or driver issue. there are many complaints about this, and apparently it’s got something to do with the version of dbus openSUSE 11.3 uses. personally i never got to like dolphin and use konqueror for everything (even nepomuksearch:/), and i haven’t experienced any problem. seems to be limited to dolphin only.

you can easily not use dolphin and konqueror instead. under systemsettings / workspace appearance & behavior you find “default applications,” where you can set konqueror as your default file manager.


his post says he’s using 11.1 where there is an issue with Sony Vaio laptop video and dolphin crashes. This is why I suggested 11.2 which clears up the dolphin crash issue surrounding the built-in video. You are right in that dbus of 11.3 re-introduces instability of dolphin on certain hardware like the Sony Vaio.

his post says he’s using 11.1…

sorry, i missed that important fact. if he wants, he can still use konqueror instead of dolphin though.