problems w/ creative zen microphot on OS 11.1, KDE 4.1


I am running opensuse 11.1, x86-64 (64 bit), on an AMD athlon. My problem is accessing my creative zen microphoto via usb.

First, what (if any) is the preferred term for a portable music/mp3 player? In searching, I frequently get info about programs that play media, not portable media devices. Annoying ambiguity.

Anyway, I realize this is vague, but I’ve installed a slew of seemingly-relevant packages. Is there a guide I should check regarding this? There’s a post by RedDwarf, but it seems geared to gnome not kde.

The kde device notifier doesn’t list the device. It also doesn’t appear in /mnt or /media. Amarok will at least list it under collections, but there’s no devices tab, either in amarok proper or the settings menu. Unfortunately, all amarok does it list songs, sorted by album and artist. There are no playlists! How do I edit them?

All these statements apply when I’m logged in as root or a normal user.

Back in the olden days of 10.3, gnomad worked well w/ my zen. It seems gnomad has vanished in 11.1.

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Hi Dave,

Let me know if you figure it out because I have the same issue.

gnomad was such a bliss! Better than the Windows software that came with my Creative Zen. WHY has it been removed oh why!?!? :’(

Well I see the Euros must have gotten drunk now that their great “white knight” Obama got elected. Didn’t the Germans go crazy for him when he visited? :slight_smile:

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Take this all of you and eat it:

PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket gnomad2