Problems using smart to install rpms in suse 10.1 i586

Hallo!I have been trying to learn how to install rpms (in suse 10.1 i586) form the internet via smart package manager.I provided a new channel e.g. Index of /pub/suser-guru/rpm/10.1 on the YAST2 repository but when I update the channel the following error appears

Failed acquiring information for ‘Guru 10.1’: timed out

The media.1/media: (note the colon at the end)appears automatically when smart tries to acquire information without any intervention from me.I am sure that the Index of /pub/suser-guru/rpm/10.1 url is genuine as I can see the rpms when I click on the link.

What could be the problem?

Please provide a solution to my problem and I will be infinitely grateful.Thanks in advance.

Probably because you entered/setup the repos wrong.

Enter it as rpm meta-data.