Problems uploading files to a Opensuse server

I have a Xampp at my Opensuse (serving as a server at my local network). Using Filezilla with a Pc XT everything goes ok. But I can’t find the files at the server. Needless to say, I am a newbie with Opensuse. Can anybody help?

As our crystal balls are all on seasons hollidays, please tell u which openSUSE level and an othr iinformation you might think usefull to people who are going to try to help you. One and a half line is imho not much information to describe a problem like yours

Do you mean that when you walk up to and physically log into the server and look for the files, that they did not arrive? Or do you mean that when you log on remotely, you can’t find the files because your remote access is restricted or something like that. Or do you mean that when you browse to the location on the server with the filezilla GUI, then the files aren’t in the target directory because they didn’t arrive or were landed somewhere else or deleted by a daemon?

Also, what is a pc xt? One of those old IBM machines with xt hardware?

Thank you all. I already did (with help) solve this problem. It was a matter of what directory to search at the opensuse server. Thank you again!