Problems on Lenovo Thinkpad

Ive had suse10.3 running kde 3.5.7 running on my Lenovo Thinkpad r61i running for quite a while now and without any serious problems

but ive come across to problems which are just getting annoying now

so if anybody could help me out i would be grateful

1.occasionally instead of the screensaver coming on it will just suspend to ram,and the suspend to ram feature doesnt work on this model so i have to restart machine

2.occasionally the mouse pointer will just dissapear off the screen and theres no way of getting it back.requires a restart aswell

3.occasionally the keyboard will stop working ,none of the buttons will do anything except the little mouse nipple that still works.restart the machine and everything is fine again

any ideas?

I have similar problem on my Lenovo N100 (0768-BJG).
My keyboard+touchpad freeze after a while working in X:
kde3/kde4 or xfce.
To do something (ex :turn off the lap) i have to connect usb mouse.
Refreshing sysinfo: in krusader i can see free memory decrising - maybe keyboard buffer related.

Next time this item#2 happens, press <CTRL><ALT><F2> (which will bring up a terminal log in screen) followed immediately by <CTR><ALT><F7> to bring you back to your GUI session. Does that help?