Problems Keeping Mangler (Native Linux Ventrilo Client) Working.

I play MMOs and need to be able to communicate in ventrilo with the guild and groups that I am in. I have never had any problems making windows games work in WINE as long as the appDB says they are good to go, but I have had an ongoing problem with Mangler in a few distros.

I posted the below on the mangler support forums, but days have gone by with no responses so I thought I would try here.

Thanks in adavance.

Hello all.

I have had an on going problem with my system and Mangler.

I use a creative usb fatality headset. When I am in Windows it works fine for ventrilo. If I boot into Linux and load up Mangler I can get it to work, but then after a while no one can hear me, but I can hear them and the Mangler icon in the system tray turns yellow instead of green.

I have the audio settings in Mangler set for my USB head set.

My head set will consistintly work in Audacity.

When I go into the pulse audio settings and set the drop box down to my head set it will show default audio every time I go back into the audio settings.

If I reboot then plug in the headset and then reste the drop down to head set it will work. If I open a game or something it will close sometimes other times I think it just takes time.

I have had the same propblem on Ubuntu 10.04, Kubuntu 10.10, and openSUSE 11.4.

Any help would be awesome so I can stop booting into windows.

On 04/13/2011 07:06 PM, Aydos13 wrote:
> Any help would be awesome so I can stop booting into windows.

windows is good for games…

i suggest you do games on windows and important stuff on Linux…

i mean like a keylogger on windows where you never do banking or
access password protected sites/data is not a big problem…

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So said k428 in

The problem is I play MMOs 90% of the time I am on the computer at home. I work all day on my work pc and do most of my web surfing there and go home to either hang out with my wife or game. Anything else I do on the machine I do with a game open.

However, the games are running fine that I am playing. I was playing WoW, but now my friends wanted to play Rift so we are on that atm. Both games run fine in WINE so the gaming in Linux is not a problem.

This is a native Linux application that I am having trouble working so if anyone has any technical insight for the problem please let me know. I will try anything.

Also, I just remembered that when Mangler goes from working to not working I will get a window pop up in the bottom right corner about it switching the sound to the default input system.

Anyone know why it is doing that or how to make it stop doing that?

Running opensuse 11.3?

I’ve got 11.4 and compiled mangler from svn. You should try it.