Problems installing with nVidia graphics card

Hello Chaps,

Apologies if this should have gone in ‘Hardware’ but the problem is occurring as a result of the install process.

I’m trying to install openSUSE 11.1 from a live cd on this box:

ASUS M2N-SLI Motherboard
AMD Athlon X2 processor
nVidia GeForce 8500 GT graphics card

The installation never even reaches the live KDE desktop. No matter what screen resolution I pick or if I select FailSafe or not, I end up with a command prompt.

I’m fairly certain the problem stems from the graphics card. When I installed Ubuntu I had to boot in ‘Low Graphics mode’ and install the nVidia drivers, after which everything was fine.

The real question then: what do I do now? Can i install it from the commandline and then install the drivers afterwards (also from the command line). Is there some failsafe mode I can invoke from the livecd that will acctually give me some basic graphics mode? Or am I pretty stuffed and just go back to ubuntu?

You could download the driver from nvidia and copy it to /home/usrname*

Then do:

Alright so here is how to install the nvidia driver manually, in case the one in the repo doesn’t work or u just want to use the latest.
Go to Yast>Software>Software Management
Search for and install if you don’t have these:
Now download the latest Nvidia driver:
Place the file in your /home/username
Now restart and at the boot screen, pause the boot by moving the down button, then move back up and clear any text in the boot arguments by holding backspace. Then just type the number: 3
At the login
Type “root” then enter and then your root password and press enter.
now type
cd /home/username
*Now remember you can use the {TAB} key to auto complete
so type:
and the whole file name should auto complete
eg: sh
Follow the installer and let it compile the kernel module for you.
Say Yes to everything
Use TAB to move around



consider adding nvidia repo from cli using zypper
Zypper/Usage/11.1 - openSUSE

you will need the correct http address for nvidia

you can install the driver with zypper - or you can start a basic yast from level3 by typing ‘yast’ from a su cli