Problems installing -- Want to use Vista Bootloader

Ok,I am having problems getting suse 11 to install the way I want it. I have vista installed on first hard drive, and have left room at the end of that drive for other os’s. I want to use Vista’s Bootloader and menu. I tell suse when installing to put grub on /dev/sda2, but it still writes files so instead of having it boot to windows and then having me edit the bcd, it gives me a grub menu with windows as an option. Where am I going wrong? I want machine to boot up, go to vista boot menu, there I can select what OS to boot. I can get other disto’s to install the way I want, but it seems no matter what I tell it, suse wants to make me use grub as the primary bootloader.


You may have installed SuSE to the MBR. Instead, in the installation at the Boot Loader step you need to go into the module and instruct SuSE to install to the SuSE root partition. That will put grub in the boot sector of that partition.

I presume you have Vista recovery media, as you will need to run bootrec to re-write the Vista boot code to the MBR. And of course, you would then need to use bcdedit (or EasyBCD, a nifty bcd utility) to add a pointer to bcd for the SuSE boot sector.

If you are sure did not install SuSE to the MBR, it may be that the bootable (“active”) flag has been changed from the Vista boot partition. The Windows MBR code looks for the first active primary and boots from it. Get into Vista Disk Management and look for what is marked active. Or in openSUSE, open a terminal, switch to root, and run the command

fdisk -l

The asterisk points to the bootable flag. If there is more than one asterisk, Vista may not boot either. The bootable flag must be on one and only one of the primaries, excluding an extended primary. Note: If the active flag has been set on the openSUSE partition, the Vista MBR boot code will boot SuSE rather than Vista.

Here’s some background and a method for booting from the windows bootloader
Boot Multiboot openSUSE Windows (2000, XP, Vista - any mix) with Windows bootloader.