problems installing OpenSuse from Kubuntu

specs: Dell inspiron mini 10, Ram 1gb, HD 120GB, integrated video card and audio card. NO CD/DVD drive

I recently installed kubuntu because my windows xp would no longer respond after 10 minutes of it being used so i can’t use windows xp for much. When i boot up the computer, i come up to the grub which then i select kubuntu or windows with every boot up. i want to try opensuse so i downloaded the iso file onto an usb stick. however when i bootup my computer and tell it to boot from the usb stick, it takes me back to the grub screen to only select windows or kubuntu. so then i disabled bootup from the hard drive through the bios… boot up again and the computer can’t recognize the iso file on the usb stick (says something about patents and then "can’t find operating system).

maybe the problem is that i’m missing something on the usb stick other than the iso file? please help lol, i’d really also like to wipe out the hard drive and leave it with only opensuse if possible

sorry if this problem was already solved in another thread, i just couldn’t find another thread with my specific “grub” problem

Use kubuntu OS to do this.

With the SUSE .iso located where you can get to it
There is a guide here: Live USB stick - openSUSE

Once you know how the USB is identified you can go ahead, I did it 2 days ago like this

dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M;sync