Problems installing amule. Message:

Hi there!

I’m new to Linux/OpenSuSE and I am currently trying to get my head around how applications are installed on these systems.

I’m having problems installing aMule, the p2p file sharer.
I’ve recently changed O/S from Ubuntu where it installed and worked fine. However, on OpenSuSe I cannot get it to install and receive the following error message:


I don’t know if it has something to do with this O/S is the 32bit version, and my machine has a 64bit architecture but I would have thought that was the problem.

Thanks for your help


You are better off adding the Packman Repository and installing amule from there. YaST should then get all dependencies.

I installed from there on a 64bit machine running 32bit openSUSE 11.0 no problems at all.

Excuse my ignorance but how to I go about doing that? Is it something along the lines of, in the terminal:
sudo su* then passwaord

zypper ar packman

It says it has been enabled in the Configured Software Repositories, but double clicking on it still prompts the error message

I don’t know zypper command line I use the YaST install software tool for my software control I just add the repository in there but I’m sure someone else here will have the answer for you.

If you go to System, Install Software assuming you are in Gnome you have the option in there.