Problems installing 13.1 in Dell Latitude E6520 Laptop

Hi all
I downloaded the 13.1 x64 DVD to install it on my Laptop but I ran into problems. At the end of the installation when it is doing the “Automatic Configuration” it just hangs. If I abort the process and try to proceed manually in Yast, the computer hangs when I open some of the Yast programs such as Network Configuration. I was able to successfully update an installation on another Laptop of mine but in this one it is very problematic (and I am installing it no updating).
I suspect it might have something to do with both the network drivers and the graphic cards drivers, because after I installed the NVidia driver it stoped hanging so often, but whenever I open the network configuration it still gets stuck.

I was using OpenSUSE up to this version without any problems at all, it would be a shame to have to go back to an older version.

Anyone has a solution for this, or experienced a similar problem? Thanks in advance for the help.

My machine: Dell Latitude E6520 i5-2520M; NVIDIA NVS 4200M