Problems installing 11.2 x86-64 on Dell Optiplex 760

I am running into some strangeness trying to get 11.2 installed on a Dell Optiplex 760 Tower. The initial grub menu loads OK, and when I pick something, I get to the splash screen, and the progress bar updates once, then hangs. After a while I can Ctrl-Alt-F2 to the console, and it seems to be hung at the “Starting udev…” prompt. Repeatedly pressing keys gets that to complete, and then the “Loading basic drivers…” prompt appears. Repeatedly pressing keys eventually gets X to load, but during the graphical part of the installation, the little round progress indicator does not move unless you press keys or move the mouse. Also, the network card does not seem to work at all…

11.1 worked fine.

Do you try the Live CD??? or installing with the ncurses version of

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Using the “modprobe” command i was able to make my kernel to recognize the network card. Thanks