problems instaling suse on a new laptop emachine

i install a 32 bit version in a old desktop and work fine, but when i install 64 bit version on my laptop, do not work, looks like is going to open suse and never went up after the instalation. :frowning:

Welcome to the forums.

Can you be more specific about what is not working?

Did you check the download, check the burned media?

Does the install run? Can you finish the install?

Please get back here with some answers and we’ll try to help you.

i finish the instalation and the instalation process looks to work fine, but when finished and going start after the instalation never do automatic start the logo scene but never work suse, only on failsafe mode works but before works send me a yast2 error, i dont unsderstand why i need to connect to internet on a new intalation, im new i install other linux version before(but never use i want to use suse now) and there no need to conect to internet to install any distro, im lost here. is a new laptop and works great until now. also doesnt have that problem with 32 bit version in a old desktop.

i dont speak too much english, sorry if u get lost trying to understand me.

A new laptop might require drivers that are NOT on the openSUSE CD/DVD. Hence an Internet connection may be required to get those drivers.

It is ESSENTIAL that you provide more information as noted:

  • what openSUSE version ?
  • CD or DVD install ?
  • did you check the downloaded media (md5sum of iso file downloaded vs iso file on web site]
  • did you burn the CD/DVD at the slowest speed your burner allows ?
  • did you try the media check on the CD/DVD ?
  • what laptop make/model?
  • PRECISELY what graphics in laptop ?

Without that information, I seriously doubt you will get any help.

So PLEASE provide the information.