Problems configuring for home server

Hi! I’am experienced windows user, but absolutely newbie to linux. Heard, it is now easy to set up for work, and decided to set up “home server” machine for some tasks… and failed. Spend 3 days trying to setup linux for my tasks, its crazy hard (((

I need to run this tasks:

  • bittorent server (qBittorrent or Transmission)
  • nas (samba server)
  • syncthing (syncthing-gtk)

I’ve tried first to use mx linux, and almost everything was fine, but x11vnc bug stopped me, and i decided to try opensuse instead (leap 15.1). Repos have all the software I need, but… Out-of-the-box function “remote desktop” via vnc is not working (i turned it on, but client from windows machine can’t connect), and installed “syncthing-gtk” package installed, but NOT running WITHOUT any messages! I thought this is trouble because of default chosen KDE desktop, installed GNOME, relogged in it and got same result.

Why the hell this so hard to set up this things? Windows machine requires 2 hours for set up this apps (i have old machine with them), but spent 3 days and got nothing. Is it really impossible to setup on linux this tasks for newbie?

Plz, somebody, describe needed configuration to run this packages and connect with remote desktop.

Hello and Welcome to the openSUSE forums.

My addvice would be to start different (at least three) threads for the the different subjects you have. Having all in one thread will lead to answers were in th end nobody will understand anymore what posts belongs to which problem.

Give each thread a good title with keywords that indicate about which software you talk. (the words “home server” have no very precise meaning) This will draw the attention of those who have specific knowledge and browse through new thread titles.

And please in each of those threads explain what you used, what you did and where you got stuck. Again saying things that are almost equall to the infamus “it does not work” will not encourage people to try and help you further in what you want to achieve.

Hi, and Welcome.
Agree that best approach is to break down your big objective into its individual parts and post your question about each. Include what you tried to do, what didn’t work and what you’re using as your guide (preferably authoritative documentation).

As a new openSUSE user,
You might benefit from the slide deck of my openSUSE presentation, it walks a new User from pre-install through an install, first steps after install, some highlights to find in your new openSUSE, and how to find help… both interactive help like this Forum and types of documentation you can read on your own… plus more…

So, sending you on your way, here are a few guides you can read…
(Hint: If you enable SSH during your install and configure VNC in YaST as described in the below documentation, VNC and SSH should work pretty much almost right away. Why SSH? Not only can you login with a remote terminal, you can also pass X over SSH to have an alternative way to have a remote graphical desktop, since they use nearly the same ports, enabling both isn’t much of an additional risk over enabling just one)

(As described, there is a YaST module for everything to make things easy for you and VNC and SAMBA are no exceptions)

The above are common “server” features in all default openSUSE installs so are in the official LEAP documentation,
To install and configure syncthing and any bittorent apps as servers, you’ll need to read the documentation for those apps… which are typically available not only on the Internet but included in the install.

Looking forward to your posts on anything that’s either confusing to you or obstacles you need help…