Problems by suse 11.2 basic installation

Hello Folks!
I have a little problem: i attempted to install my suse 11.2 (64 bit) the first time - from a dvd.
During the installation the program told me, it needs the “CD1”! I haven´t a CD1- because i install from A DVD! Do i ignore this demand the install progress will end instantly. What did i do wrong? Please help me, at meanwhile i´m going crazy!:frowning:

-=welcome=- don’t go crazy!!

from where did you get your install DVD?

was it from or another source? if
another please name it…

did you do this before install attempt?

you didn’t say if you are new to Linux or just new to openSUSE, but in
either case i think you might benefit from (as in save lots of time in
the long run) the info in our new person forum, read everything there:


I don’t think you did anything wrong. IMHO this is a throwback to the old days where all openSUSE (and SuSE) installs were done mainly via many CDs, and putting openSUSE on a DVD was a big step forward. Unfortunately it appears that all of the code related to multiple CDs being present was never fully captured and removed.

What works sometimes, if one has two CD/DVD devices (ie both a reader and a writer) is to put the DVD in the other device. I know, its strange, its bizzare, but I have seen it work.

Another way is to press some key sequence <ctrl><alt><F2> or <ctrl><alt><F3> or <ctrl><alt><f4> (I’m not sure which) and then remount the CD manually via command (requires average to advance knowledge of Linux) and then return to the installation menu via the appropriate key sequence ( ? ) possibly <ctrl><alt><f7> ] and then retry and it may recognize the CD drive.

There are quite possibly much easier methods that I am not aware of.

Ensure your DVD was created properly, with an md5sum check done prior to burning and that it was burned at the slowest possible speed your burner allows (so as to improve the probability of a successful burn and hence a successful installation).

If you try these methods and still have no success,an install from a live CD is worth a try also.


Thanks a lot! The problem was a bad burnt DVD. I have try it again with less speed and - oh wonder - it works.

For the other guys: thanks for your help. I´m afraid you will read from me and my suse-problems often in the future.:wink:

GermanHighlander wrote:
> thanks for your help. I´m afraid you will read from
> me and my suse-problems often in the future.:wink:

-=welcome=- come back anytime…but keep READING and you will save
yourself a lot of time and frustration…

there is a LOT to learn here!
here in a previous post of mine is a short note :slight_smile: to guide you to
some of the documentation available:


From one of the other guys! Nice you got it going.Looking forward to those future posts!