Problems booting up from a live multiboot usb

Im trying to boot up OpenSUSE 12.1 from a live Multiboot USB flashdrive, but I keep running into this problem where, while it loads, it says that its “Waiting for CD/DVD device(s) to appear…”, but then it says “Checking CD/DVD device(s)…not found” and then the system just hangs after that.

Hi azureflame: I can’t give you any concrete advice right now, but just FYI, I doubt that anyone will be able to; you will need at least to provide some details about HOW precisely you have made your multi-boot USB. Did you use an off-the-shelf multi-boot USB software? Do other OSes on the drive boot OK? Where did you obtain the .iso? Is it a dvd, liveCD, netinstall? KDE, or gnome? etc etc. IIRC, opensuse uses a hybrid format for its .iso images, so that the same one can be used for cd and usb booting, and works differently to most other distros.