Problems before and after upgrading to OpenSuse Leap 42.1

I was using OpenSuse 13.1 and I performed a system update. After system update, YAST stopped working. I was able to launch it, but the various links were not working. On some forums I found out that it was probably that one of the repositories I had was “Factory”. I understand that there may have been an incompatible mixture of updates for OpenSuse 13.1 and 13.2. I also tried installing a USB wireless dongle, Realtek 8191SU. I got the drivers from Realtek website and following some installation instructions from a website, I installed it (although it never worked). After installation Linux could not start in normal mode, it was going into an IceWM mode. There was a warning informing that r8712u: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
I was disappointed that all boot options (older and newer available version of OpenSuse 13.1) did not work anymore, once the update was performed. I would have hoped that the older ones would still be ok.

I decided to upgrade to Leap 42.1. I downloaded the ISO file, checked the SHA256. I accepted the default option to remove all previous OpenSuse 13.1 installations (I was hoping to have a clean installation of OpenSuse, but keeping the user folders and files).

At the end of the installation, I got some messages "Internal error. Please report a bug report with logs. Details: undefined method ‘sort’ for nil:NilClass, Caller: /mounts/mp_0001/usr/share/YAST2/modules/Kernel.rb:632:in ‘block in SaveModulesToLoad’ and another similar message with /mounts/mp_0001/use/share/YAST2/modules/Kernel.rb:589:in block in ‘module_to_be_loaded’. I can post the log, if somebody tells me how and where to post it.

Now, after the somewhat successful installation, Linux still starts with the gray login screen, like IceWM and after logging in, it has the boot panel with option to boot in OpenSuse 13.1. I am not sure if it mattes, I have dual boot, with Windows XP and Linux.

Now YAST appears to work, but I still get the message r8712u: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned. Even when I removed the USB Wi-Fi USB dongle (RTL8191SU, purchased from ebay), the message still appears. The USB wifi works fine in Windows XP. I haven’t tried it yet in Leap 42.

First, I would like to make the warning about r8712u disappear - I want to uninstall whatever is bad in there. Second, I would like to have the system informing that it starts in Leap 42.1, not OpenSuse 13.1 and not with the grey IceWM login window. Third, I would like to make the RTL8191SU work. At the moment I am using an ethernet card.