Problems after updating KDE 4.4 to 4.5 using opensuse 11.3

After reading this article openSUSE News » Forum Users Benefit from openSUSE KDE Repository I added that KDE repo to yast and switched all packages.

After rebooting it says (failsafe kernel configuration says the same):

Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS:
Unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)

And stops at this string: “<c0203826>] kernel_thread_helper+0x6/0x10” and capslock light is blinking.

I don’t think this is a KDE but rather a kernel or GRUB issue.

Maybe it is, maybe it is not. I just need to know how to fix this. Does anybody know what should i do?!

I had exactly the same problem with the KDE4.5.1 reloaded Live-CD; not knowing what to do about it, I reinstalled 4.4.4 for the time being.

i haven’t had that problem and don’t want to try to reproduce it. what i would do in your case is booting the machine from a liveCD, mount the installed file system and see what grub specifies as root file system. there’s something wrong, apparently.


I can’t see this being anything to do with KDE, it way before the desktop even gets a look in.

i suspect the liveCD with KDE 4.5.1 has the new kernel update, and something went wrong during kernel or grub installation. to me it looks as if grub gets it wrong specifying the root file system. should be easy to fix once you get in there with another linux instance.


ok, i see, thanks. Can i do that with opensuse dvd using which i installed this system? thx.

I would address this first with a Live CD - like Parted Magic
Mount my root partition and look at the content of /boot/grub/menu.lst

It’s possible that this file is incorrect and is pointing to the wrong partition. A clue would be perhaps available if there is a menu.lst.old also, which you should compare. If you post the contents here we can check.
Also supply the terminal result of:

fdisk -l