problems after the install of an ATi graphics card driver

HI, I’m currently writeing this post from a different machine. because when ever I log-on to my linux machine it boots properly, but then it stops sending information to the screen (giving me a black screen instead of displaying KDE.

this all happenend after I installed the ATi graphics card control driver made by ATi themselves for linux, I believe it’s “8.” something. anyways they said they don’t support it, they just make it… so they no Idea what kind of shell commands I would need to use to uninstall it when I called up about the problems I’m having…

so yeah, I could use some help in un-installing it… I can log-in to the text based root log-in, so I can use shell commands from there.

again (for those who haven’t seen me on these forums), I’m using suse 10.0 under x86_64, and as relevence to this post am using an ATi radeon x300 as my graphics card.

I’ll post again a bit later with the links to the installation instructions ansd the driver download it self. as I currently don’t have a link to said pages on this machine, luckily I sent them as part of an e-mail to someone I know so as sooon as they check their mail I can get the links…

boot into recovery mode and change the x11 server ( xorg.conf) not sure if you can do that but it is worth a try

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well, I managed to solve my own problem, I cleared KDE’s cache, and now I can log-in how ever that meant I had to reset everythign up the way I like it, and the driver still isn’t working, but seeing as I am now logged in, I should be able to find a way to get rid of it…

man was that allot of work figuring it out, type “F2” on the boot screen, then 1 then hit enter, wait for it to load in the text interface and enter root’s password, then type; “rm -rf /tmp/kde-user /tmp/socket-user” and hit enter…

(replace user with your log-in name)
then switch to “telinit 6” to reset then you should be back in business.

or just don’t be as dumb as me, and don’t install ATi’s graphics drivers…

can we make this a “sticky”?

also straight from the horses mouthes, “ATi/AMD doesn’t support the linux distrobution graphics card drives, they just make them” also “no, they don’t know how to install/uninstall them, and are completely dovoid of any shell command knowledge”

so don’t use thier drivers! or you are in for a headache!!!