Problems after logging in

Hi. I´ve been an OpenSuse user for a year now and this is the first time I encountered a problem with it. I am using the OpenSuse version released last February 2008. My problem is that after I log in, the system would restart and I end up having to log-in again and the whole thing repeats itself after I enter my password. I dont know what to do now. I hope you could help me. Thanks.

Sounds like an issue with X.

Does the system completely reboot, or is it just X that restarts ?

Can you just log in to a terminal, from the X login prompt (if it stays up):
try ctrl-alt + f2. Try to login from here.

If you can login normally with no reboots from outside of X then you may need to re-run sax2 to configure X again.


jamesromer10 wrote:

> Does the system completely reboot, or is it just X that restarts ?

Also, is it user-specific? Can you login from the UI as other users (i.e.,

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It´s user-specific and I made 2 accounts so the others who want to use my laptop can´t access my files. I am not completely sure waht you mean by X but the computer does not reboot. It just returns to the log-in page. But I will try what you have all suggested when I get home tonight. If it doesnt work, you´re here form me again.

Thanks for your time.