Problems after install

1.Keyboard and touch pad not detected.
2.wifi not detected

Please post what hardware you are trying to install on.

Can you boot to a terminal? Type a 3 at the boot screen to enter terminal mode. Keyboard work there?

Lemme try… think will nt wrk

Yep …it wrks there…and what abt the wifi?

What is your WiFi card how to get it working depends on the brand and model.

Also it is a good idea to hardwire to the Internet until you can get the WiFi working since you may need to download some stuff.

Did you get to a GUI?

BTW which desktop KDE or gnome?

Well its gnome.and i have wifi acces only over here.when i used ubuntu i used the broadcom wireless driver

So did you get to the GUI or are you still at a command prompt.

Sorry I’m just not good at reading minds.

Nah thats noprob. I am using usb keyboard and mouse…so able to access gui…How do i check the hrdware frm windows?

Well where had u been dude…was waiting fr u :wink:

Does the problem keyboard work from the terminal. My guess that is the one you want get working right??

Also looks like you have 2 threads going on this.

Well first of all sorry for multiple threads …i am vry excited…and about the keyboard wrking in the terminal…
The actual prob is my laptop keyboard nd touchpad are not responding…so am using usb keyboard and mouse to use the gui.
lemme chck if it wrks in the terminal after i get to the terminal via a usb keyboard and mouse

It the keyboard works at grub just type 3 at the boot screen.

Also please say brand and model of the laptop. someone may have one and solved the problem.