Problems adding Libre Office STABLE repositorie.

Hi, I have one issue regarding adding a repositorie:

Here are the steps I do:

Go to Yast → Software Repossitories → Click on Add → Choose Specify URL → I copy-pase the url from the additonal packages repositories, the url is lie this: and an error is displayed:

Unable to create repository
from URL: ‘
Change the URL and try again ?

And two buttons “Yes” or “No”.

Yes takes at te previous screen to add another repositorie, “no” cancel the addition from the repositorie.

All others repositories (packman, nvidia, wine, etc) all works fine, the only one that gives this error is this: Libre Office STABLE.

Thanks in advance for any feedback,



Just don’t.
This repo does not exist any more, and you don’t need it anyway.
See my reply here:

You should remove that entry from addittional respositories then.

Who do you mean with “you”?
I have nothing to do with that wiki page.

Btw, apparently that repo only got removed a few hours ago. The people responsible for that wiki article probably just haven’t know yet.
Personally, I didn’t even know about it before I read that other thread…

I thouth you were the resposible for that stable office package.

But I see that is not like that.