Problem with xfce panel text of window icons.

I’ve recently upgraded to leap 15.0.
Now my xfce toolbar panel, which holds the minimized icons of the opened windows in the workspace,
has the bottom and top of the text graphic cropped. (only the middle third of the text is visible).

Other than the clock text, the other panel objects appear ok. (I don’t see a way to upload a screenshot).

This is not an issue on another, recently created system of mine. Perhaps the graphics-card driver in the problem system was updated with a defect? (It uses a Gigabyte GT610 card). Is there a way to regress this aspect of the new installation (after I upgrade to 15.1 when it arrives, and presuming the problem is still there).

I’m not going to guarantee this as a fix, but this thread on the xfce forums suggests looking at gtk folders / settings in ~/.config

If it’s all fine on a new system, then it could be that there is a broken setting in your default user’s .config folder - remember linux is a mutli-user system, you can have multiple logins on the same computer…

You could test this by just creating a new user / account on the system that has the problem and see if that new user has the problem…

If so, then you have some setting that is conflicting within your normal user’s .config/gtk-2.0 or .config/gtk-3.0 folder

You could just rename those folders (eg ~/.config/gtk-2.0_backup) and see if your problem goes away