problem with vmblock with install of VMwareTools 9.0.11 onto openSUSE 13.1 desktop

Any help on this missing vmblock problem is greatly appreciated.

During the (apparently) successful install of vCenter VMware Tools onto an openSUSE 13.1 desktop system, I am getting the following X errors, and vmblock errors when I run vmware-user to finish the install.

vmware-user: could not open /prod/fs/vmblock/dev
(vmware-users:7699): Gtk-WARNING ** gtl_diskable_setlocale() must be called before gtk_init()

Detected X server version 1.14.3
Distribution provided drivers for Xorg X server are used.
Skipping C configuration because X drivers are not included.

Other than these error messages during install, I have not yet noticed error messages in /var/log/messages after reboot, or any broken functionality. The VMs will be isolated from the hosts & the vSphere client machines, so losing copy & paste functionality via vmblock is not a problem.

/prod/fs/vmblock does not exist

The process for replacement was as documented in other threads:
Remove open-vm-tools using YaST
Installation of kernel-source using YaST which also installed kernel-devel & kernel-desktop-devel
Installation of gcc using YaST
Downloading of VMwareTools from vCenter

The replacement of open-vm-tools with vCenter VMware tools was necessary to get Customization Specification functionality.

Any insights on unseen collateral damage, or remediation, will be much appreciated.


Offhand, I don’t suspect you don’t have a vmware tools related problem, the vmblock error obviously relates to a file system problem which is almost certainly unrelated (at least IMO). It’s certainly not related to any X (and what you quoted from the tools install is normal)

What kind of Host are you running on?
You need to be more detailed where the error is being displayed…

Don’t know what you mean by “run vmware user to finish the install” -


**host: ** ESXi 5.1u2a + vCenter 5.1u2a, with VMwareTools 9.0.11 (build 1743336) [for SLED] [yes I know that this openSUSE w/open-vm-tools on ESXi is unsupported by VMware]

vmblock error not related: you may be correct … I just re-checked and the vmblock directory /prod/fs/vmblock is not created by open-vm-tools 9.2.3 either

where error occurs: during the install of VMwareTools-9.0.11 (build 1743336), at the end of the install, when the install directs the human to “Complete the install by runing vmware-user” ; vmware-user is /usr/bin/vmware-user, which is **not **delivered with open-vm-tools, but **is **delivered with OSP VMwareTools

From what I was able to find yesterday after posting this, the Gtk application and the vmblock fs functionality is related to interaction between host & guest such as cut&paste, file movement, etc. which would I would have to disable if it did function. So my concern about deploying with these errors is decreasing.

Thanks for your response.

I’ve never used OSPs before.
Note that using OSPs is an alternative to the “standard” way of simply executing the TAR which is the method used on all platforms (not restricted to use only on vSphere platforms).

If OSPs are causing a problem, try distributing a TAR… In fact, that is my current preferred method, to create my own openSUSE base image complete with Tools archive (not just VMware but all other technologies as well).

That way, Tools are always immediately available to be re-run, eg after a kernel update if you don’t have DKMS installed.

I don’t know that either method is necessarily better than the other, more a matter of taste.