Problem with Virtualbox 5.0 ose install

I just recently got my Virtualbox 4.3 ose running correctly when I received a request to upgrade version 5.0 ose, I selected yes and it installed. I followed that with installation of the extension pack with no apparent problems. However, when I went to run one or my vm’s it would not run and received the following:

**RTR3InitEx failed with rc=.1912 (rc=.1912)

**The VrtualBox kernel modules do not mathch this version of
VirtualBox. The installation VirtualBox was apparently not
successful. Etc.

I then typed in:
rpm -qa | grep -i virtualbox

Note that virtual box-host-kmp-desktop-5.0 did not load and the guest and host 4.3 modules are still there.

First: do I need to remove the two vbox 4.3 modules and if so how do I do it?
Second: if and when they are removed would it be likely that the missing host 5.0 would install

either way I need some help here!!

You are missing the 5.0 host kmp package.
To be sure that everything’s fine would advise to remove the 4.3 kmp packages completely, and then install 5.0.

sudo rpm -e --nodeps virtualbox-host-kmp-desktop-4.3.36_k3.16.7_35 virtualbox-guest-kmp-desktop-4.3.36_k3.16.7_35
sudo zypper in virtualbox-host-kmp-desktop-5.0.20_k3.16.7_35

(or just uninstall all virtualbox packages and install it fresh)

Normally this shouldn’t be necessary though, no idea why the update didn’t update virtualbox-host-kmp-desktop as well in your case.
If you get errors, please post them, that would maybe explain why the update was not complete.

I did as you suggested and the 4.3 modules were removed and all of the 5.0 modules were there, I rebooted and started virtualbox successfully. but it couldn’t find any usb devices. went to the file (/etc/udev/rules.d/60-vboxdrv.rules) and removed # from the last four lines and saved it. rebooted system and now everything works fine. Thanks for your input it is much appreciated.