Problem with Video and applications

Just installed 12.2 (32 bit) and the install went fine. Used KDE desktop. But, I am having a problem with the video whenever I go into FireFox or any app. The KDE desktop works and displays perfectly. Can use Terminal and telnet into another server. But, Firefox, Libre, etc come out completely pixelated. Made changes to the settings at HW Display, but this doesn’t fix anything. Reinstalled the OS 5 times, and get the same result. The bios seems to be set correctly also.

This is the HW:
Intel DH77DF MB (mini-ITX) (DVI, HDMI, and DP video ports)
On-board Intel Graphics - since it is a mini-ITX form factor, I cannot use a different video card.

Tried Two monitors (get same results from both)
Samsung B2430 (24" with sVGA, DVI, HDMI ports)
ASUS PA248Q (24" DVI, HDMI, DP ports)

I used a premade DVD of 12.2, so I would not have struggle with the checksum.

DP doesn’t work at all. HDMI works, but not well. VGA not an option. DVI works best.

When inside Firefox, the display blacks out, and then comes back on. This behavior is repeated often on it’s own, and when I try to close it out. Closing out the session takes 10-15 seconds.

Not sure how to fix it. I have worked with Unix version for years. But, this is my first Linux install.

What you probably are seeing is an old GTK theme. KDE is built on the QT libraries, Firefox, Thunderbird, LIbreoffice aren’t. But, what you can do is this:

  • Systemsettings - Application Appearance - GTK styles and fonts.
  • Set the style to oxygen or oxygen-molecule.
    Restart Firefox and see if things have improved.

Style was set to Oxygen-GTX. Tried to change it to another value, and it locked up the desktop. I can move the mouse, but can’t click on anything.

I ended up killing the process, and did a new login, but can’t click on anything.

May have to reinstall the OS