Problem with upgrade

Hi, I was upgrading from Leap 42.2 to 42.3. I used the command ‘zypper dup --download in-advance’ to achieve that. As the packages were being downloaded and installed I moved away from the machine. When I returned I saw the letter Y in a vertical line on the Konsole window. I couldn’t exit from the terminal in an orderly way, it seemed the terminal had ‘crashed’. I opened another terminal and entered ‘cat /etc/*-release’. The version of Leap was shown as 42.3. I am wondering whether the installation was completed successfully or something had gone wrong during the installation process. How can I check? I don’t want to leave things as they are and then discover a few months later that something during the installation process had gone wrong. All help will be greatly appreciated.

Hard to tell. However, the grub update is usually done after all of the package installs. If the grub menu says 42.3, then it probably completed.

In any case, I suggest you repeat that “zypper dup”. If the update completed, that should be very quick – it will only affect any packages that have changed since then. Otherwise it should resume from where it left off.