Problem with updating a Lexmarkprinter firmware over TCP/IP

I try to update a Lexmark C543dn Color laser printer as of indications in the doc of Lexmark which go:

On the computer attached to a network,
put in the IP address…
then you should come to the menu.

I do not have a network. I would like to know if it is feasible and if how to do the following.
Take the laptop, branch laptop and printer of an ethernet cable. Use the laptop to do the network with the printer, and then access the http menu of the printer. I do not have a router, I do not have the possibility to buy or borrow it. Either there is a possibility to do it straight away in this fashion or I cannot update the firmware (at least in Windows).
So again:
is it feasible?
If yes, how are the steps.
Thank you in advance.

Yep I think it’s perfectly feasible. Just make sure You asign an IP address to your PC from the same network as the printers IP. Also keep in mind that most liekly You will need a cross over cable to make it work. Straight trhough cable will work if You’ve got this funcionality in your PC ethernet adapter :
Medium dependent interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Which may well be true if it’s a moder NIC.

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Just make sure You asign an IP address to your PC from the same network as the printers IP.

I do have the required functionality so I do not need a crossover cable. But I have very limited knowledge of networking and setting the solution up. The IP the printer gives me is with netmask
So what do I have exactly to setup in yast? I suppose I have to deactivate the networkmanager and use ifup setup right?
If you can helpme to get this working I would be greatful. The router has an integrated webpage that I should be able to open with the ip. From there I can force the update of the firmware. What is, the printer can be setup in yast as a network printer, I give him the address ip and yast does not object. But the printer is not printing and is not reachable from the webbrowser interface. Do I have to give a workgroup name? The menu also indicates:
server wins
identification server DNS
name Zero Conf
It has also an ipv6 address. Is it better to set it up ipv6? How do I handle this? Thank you in advance.

You can set up the following IP on openSUSE : with netmask and it should just work. You can set this up using ifup or networkmanager but You have to choose manual IP configuration (It’s possible to do this using networkmanager).

This part is confusing for me. Previously You said You want to connect the printer directly to the PC. In that configuration there is no router inbetween. It’s a point to point connection.

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Because I am braindead Greg, I am sorry. The sentence was: The PRINTER has an integrated webpage…
You see, I am unsure whether this is
a) overwork
b) burnout
c) Alzheimer
d) age
Let’s hope for the best… :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: ok so lets sum up what have You done so far.

  1. Did You connect the printer to your PC, assigned with netmask to the PC and entered or or ? (You can try entering the ipv6 address as well but this should work with ipv4 and I know much more about ipv4 than ipv6 :slight_smile: )
  2. How do You know what is the IP address of the printer ?
  3. Is it possible to set up the printer to use DHCP ? because if yes I think You could easily connect to it trough your router. (this might be easier than what You are trying to do an I believe the preferred way You want to use your printer)

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Hi Greg.
Well, I know the IP of the printer because it has a in build routine that prints a beautiful page with all the values and addresses.
It does dhcp, but I do not possess a router (I am always “on the run” with my laptop and do not have a dsl fix line (because where I am they are so intelligent that they do you only 2 years contracts…and I never know whether I am in a place for two entire years (yes, that can be a reason for sub-“b” of above and is independent of my intentions). This should be http (but in case it does not work I will try https - thank you, did not think about this possibility). I will give you a feedback on it today.
have a great day / night / afternoon depending on where you live and when you will see this.

Thank You. It’s very nice so far :slight_smile:

Regarding your ipv6 question You could try to enter the ipv6 address in the browser as well. It might just work but be sure to check ipv4 first.

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Thank you VERY MUCH! The procedure done in this way was easy.
Once changed to ifup and put the right IP, the contact was instantaneous. Very nice in deed. Not only the machine updated flawlessly but you have also control over the status of all cartridges and over all service / status messages. The update was possible in the following way:
extract the firmware on the desktop in a folder. Click on the link in the browser-window “firmware update” and select manually the location of the firmware file. Click O.K. and wait for the machine to do the rest.
Very nice in deed.
Have a great day.

You’re welcome, thanks for the feedback and I’m glad You solved your problem. YaST makes life just too easy :slight_smile:
Just FYI it can be any IP address from the range 169.254.x.x with netmask So for example would be a valid choice as well.

The only invalid addresses would be which is the network adress and which is broadcast. Anything in between is fine.

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