Problem with touchpad and mouse after suspend

I’m having very odd problem with my pointing devices since couple days. Whenever my laptop is disconnected from AC after every suspend my left and right buttons on touchpad and mouse are not working. The strangest thing is that when I’m using multitouch on touchpad, those gestures are working properly. For example, two finger touch opens menu but single or double touch does nothing.

Can anyone help me to find solution or where to start looking?

I’m using KDE with some non intrusive tweaks, libinput-gestures (maybe this is related?), nothing fancy.

I’m not a TW user, but perhaps a kernel-related regression? Can you boot from an earlier kernel (grub advanced options) and check if the issue is stil apparent?

Currently I’m trying to reproduce the bug because it’s not happening every time.

So, I updated (reinstalled) libinput-gestures and it seems that problem is solved. I can’t reproduce this bug for now.