Problem with the new radeonhd drivers

There is a huge bug for me with radeonhd drivers, the desktop is so dark i can barely see anything at all, it seems the backlight is turned off by default.
I have had the same bug with recent radeonhd drivers in both opensuse, kubuntu, mandriva, arch etc…

Can’t be using opensuse since it come with these drivers by default and not the normal ati/radeon opensource drivers… in fact i haven’t even been able to found the other drivers in the repository so i can’t change.

This wasn’t a problem in 11.1

Use driver manually from ATI
Graphics Drivers & Software

Forgot to say i have an ATI x1400 mobility, so i can’t use fglrx.

But i have found something in the “most annoying bugs” wiki that says “ATI-cards: X: display stays dark: move /etc/X11/xorg.conf.install to /etc/X11/xorg.conf”, going to test that.

I also very much doubt, that you can not switch to from “radeonhd” to “radeon”, both drivers will be supplied by standard packages and switching can be done via sax2 or editing xorg.conf.

There is even no need to remove the package with the radeonhd-driver.

I must have missed that? Couldn’t find any ati/radeon packages except the radeonhd.

Well it’s good to know, however the problem is that the display is so dark i can’t even install opensuse m8. I will test the next releases and hope it somehow get fixed.

Thanks for your help.

As I said, standard packages.

If there was no dramatic change between 11.1 and 11.2 you will have that driver (radeon) installed already, because it is in the same package than vesa.

rpm -ql **xorg-x11-driver-video**|grep -E 'vesa|radeon'