problem with the internet

i will like to know how to install ethernet drivers dell inspiron N4010 on opensuse 11.3,

thank you very much,

Your first post here: Welcome!

From your description I read that you do not realy have a problem with the internet, but with getting your NIC running and using the network at all. Thus a thread title something like: “How to use/configure the NIC on my dell inspiron N4010” might draw the attention of other users of that hardware.

In any case, what does YaST > Network > Network configuration show? Does it mention the device? It might also be usefull to post here what the make and type of the NIC is when you know that.

hi thank you for the quick answer i first go to YaST > Network Devices > Network Settings and then i have a Warning message " Network is currently controlled by NetworkManager and its settings cannot be edited by Yast. Then i click on OK, i go to Global Options and i click on Traditional Method with ifup, and then i go to Overview and i have this information:

Name IP Address
Attansic Ethernet controller Not configured
Broadcom WLAN controller DHCP

thank you very much for all the help than you can bring me, is my first time using openSuse , i previously install Ubuntu and i had some similar problem with the internet i hope fix that problem as soon as possible and keep using openSuse


Juan J

Other thing that i forgot is that i don’t have any internet connection with this laptop even wire or wireless connection

Sorry, I kept you waiting (and apparently no others helped you).

First, let us confirm that it is not (yet) about connecting to the internet, but about connecting to your network/router. When that functions I assume that connecting through your router to the internet is not much of a problem. I hope you the difference between having a network connection by using one of your NICs (wired or wireless) and having connection to the internet (which requires the first, plus a router and a routing definition).

I see that YaST sees two devices, Attansic Ethernet controller (for wired) and the Broadcom WLAN controller for wireless.
Let us try the wired/cable connection first. You have allready set YaST to “traditional with ifup”. What happens when you select the Attansic and click Edit (first connect a cable to your router of course)? Go to the Details tab and choose Dynamic with DHCP (I suppose your router supports this) and finish. This should normaly set yoour NIC in a working state.

In the meantime, you could also read general information about wireless in the stickys of the Wireless subforum (the first three items in: Wireless.