Problem with the Installation of tar.gz packages

Hi, If i try to install avira-antivirus and I can not install the Program.
After downloading I give the command: gzip -d avira-antivirus…tar.gz (than) tar xvf avira-antivirus.tar----- here can I see that the compiler do something but after that I try to give the command cd home and i get the information file not found!
I try with drag and drop, I see the path in the Terminal but after that the Terminal see not found the file !

Can somebody help ?
ps: sorry for my english!

Do you need this to be installed? There are basically no Virus issues in Linux. You could install Clam antivirus. It’s in the oss repo.

Don’t use tar.gz. Install Avira-antivir rpm from Non OSS repo.

It’s good to know how to install tar.gz also known as TARBALL. NOT highjacking the thread. I think it’s important to know how to do this. Don’t tell people who like to know: it’s too difficult for you. :\

I have been looking on the internet, but the info I get is incomplete. Can a friendly linux user please them me what i lack to complete the installation? I really like to understand how

Steps I did so far:

  1. downloaded antivir file tar.gz

  2. I goto the directory where is is. In my case

  3. I uncompress the file with the command:
    tar xf antivir_workstation-pers.tar.gz

  4. I go into this new directory which was created
    cd antivir-workstation-pers-3.0.5-11

  5. and now I read from other websites that i have to do
    the following but i get an error.

    I have to do in sequence:

    • ./configure
    • make
    • make install

Files that were de-compressed with the tar xf command:
av_wks (directory)
bin (directory)
etc (directory)
legal (directory)
script (directory)
smcpkg (directory)
vdf (directory)

Questions: I lack some programs. What do I lack / need
to download?

       And then what do i need to do? Just go into 
       the antivir-workstation-pers-3.0.5-11 
       directory again and do:

       make install

Everyone needs help now and then. Opensource software is for everyone who likes to learn. Be a sport will you?
(asking anyone who reads this). Explain to new linux users how please? Many thanks

Extra info:
gcc gnu c and c++ compiler installed.

I goto the antivir files which are de compressed:
and type the command ‘./configure’

I get the error message: no such file or directory

I am missing something … but what??

I agree, that using software from Repositories is preferable to using tar balls.

If it’s binary code to be installed on the system, I would advise installing the tool alien(8) to convert the package into rpm format so you can deinstall it later, and upgrade it manageably.

If it’s source you have then :

tar -tvzf tar.tgz

Should list the files, and they ought to be ‘relative’ directories, not with full pathnames.

Then you can simply unpack :

tar -xzf tar.tgz

In KDE the Archiver tool, lets you peer inside archives in similar manner to certain other popular OSes (perhaps after you install 7zip for example). I would assume GNOME has the feature to.

You should really post up the error you are seeing. If you install the package called ‘build’ under Development Tools Building, it ought to pull in everything you need to build SuSE RPM’s which is the best way deploy packages built from source. I would generally find, I could install the RPM’s on later releases after an upgrade & clean install for example, due to good binary compatability, and copy them from machine to machine, as required.

Many thanks for replying!

I understand binary is machine code → .exe files are machine code.

Source files are programs that programmers made with C++ C, java, virtual basic etc. Source files are in a command format. EAsier to read for users, but not usefull yet for computer. These source files need to be compiled (changed to 0’s and 1’s for the computer to able to read it.)

I am looking in the README file, but I cannot see how to proceed still:

README states:
install <—install script

bin/ <—executable
vdf/ <— virus definition files
contrib/ <----3rd party software

etc/ <---- configuration files
script/ <— shell scripts
smcpkg <----smc specific files

Ok with your explanation I conclude I can unpack the files.

And then, the next step is?

is there no INSTALL file in the package? If there is, read it, if not read how to compile it if it’s provided

did you run the install script? what do you get?

PS: there are no .exe files on Linux, at least not native ones :slight_smile:

If you want to learn to install .tar.gz’s (ie. the source distributions downloadable from the websites of most open source projects) then you’re wasting your time. From what you’ve posted this avira-antivirus looks like a binary-only commercial application. Whatever’s inside that .tar.gz is probably something specific to Avira. If you want to install from it you need to find the instructions in Avira’s website and follow them.

If you want to actually learn to install .tar.gz’s (ie. compile software that is distributed as source like most open source projects) then choose any open source project and follow the guide at Compiling Programs from Source -

If you want to install Avira-antivirus then it really is best to just use the package manager as already suggested.

Yes, it’s most easy to use .rpm files or use the packet manager. But I like to know how. Thank you for the suggestions thought! :wink:

Some information regarding the compile process:
How To Compile Linux Software With Debian Linux

Ok no worries, but I was trying to point out that if you want to learn to build software installing Avira is not going to help - it’s a closed source commercial application with it’s own installation system (see the README file that comes with it for the instructions).

I am trying to compile the ScrollZ IRC source.
The tutorial is from the debian website:
How To Compile Linux Software With Debian Linux

  • I downloaded the source.
  • I executed ./configure as root. Many things happen.
    I read the text by scrolling back. And notice a library missing:
    configure warning: I can not find tgetent.
  • What are possible solutions? I don’t know how to get this
    missing library.

This is the hard part of compiling stuff. You need to use the package manager to install the -devel packages that it needs to use.

So for getent, searching for packages I get nothing related. So google ‘tgetent’ and I come across this thread:
Re: ?package with tgetent
It looks like you need the -devel package for libncurses (search in YAST, I’m not on my Opensuse system right now so can’t look for it).

A shortcut to having to dig through each error like this might be to install the devel_* package groups in Opensuse. (Run

zypper se --type pattern

to see the package groups that can be installed

zypper in --type pattern groupname

to install them)