Problem with the cleartype in Chrome


Suddenly Cleartype has appeared in Chrome.
The problem is I can’t disable Cleartype in the Chrome browser.
I’ve checked my Opera and Firefox - I have the same problem in these browsers too.

How can I disable Cleartype? It’s realy awful to read a text on the Internet.

You sig says GNOME. You may do the following

command launcher Alt+F2
type in “gnome-tweak-tool” followed by return/enter
Go to Fonts and change fonts
My fonts look like this SUSE Paste

delete both these and restart

Check whether any new fonts are installed through YaST==>Extras=>Show history


create new user and check whether problem exists in that user

It realy works. Thanks a lot.

You are welcome. I do it from time to time when my font related files get corrupted.

Thank you.
Your blog looks very interesting. I’ve subscribed to it.

Thanks. Generally i tend to post on topics where i faced some challenges and Ofcourse i have this bad habit of reviewing new openSUSE releases.