Problem with systray items not popping up

I have a problem where sometimes for no obvious reason some widgets in the systray will not open (popup) when I click on them. The main ones which dont open are the device notifier when I have a usb stick or CD in, the Network Manager one and the Notifications one when I am copying stuff to or from a usb stick to show progress. What does happen is the small blue bar appears above the clicked on but it does not open, a second click and the blue bar goes away.

If I log out and back in they work again but then it will happen again.

Anyone seen this or have any ideas please?


The forums software forced you to inform us that you use Tumbleweed.

How can we force people to inform us which desktop environment they use?

My apologies… I get a bit tied up with a problem and just simply forget things. I am using KDE Plasma 5 fully up to date yes on Tumbleweed.


long shots:
do you have extra repos enabled, and did you update using “dup --no-allow-vendor-change”
do you have any non standard applets installed
have you right clicked the systray and checked settings

Answers are:-

Yes like SMB4K, Dropbox Solaar

basically things which are programs like SMB4K still work, it widgets that dont pop up, just the blue bar appears above the clicked one, also left click works to do settings etc. Seems to happen when I have some (not all) of my USB sticks plugged in, up until then it all works fine.


This has happened again this morning. I had hibernated last night and this morning on resuming the desktop I noticed this, not sure if it happened immediately after resume but noticed it after the software updates ran and told me about the lastest updates and I went to open the widget to see what they were but all that happens is the small blue bar above the systray icon comes on and goes off again on second click but no pop up appears, now same thing happens on all widgets in the systray but applications in there like SMB4K and Dropbox still behave normally. I right click on system updates brings up the pop up for settings but no way can I get it or network widget to open normally.

To reiterate system is Tumbleweed KDE Plasma 5 fully updated (apart from todays ones that is).


Happened again today right after I mounted a USB3 pen drive, the pop up appeared OK when I plugged in the drive but when I went to open Device Notifier to un-mount the drive it did not pop up as it should only the blue bar above it showed. Also tried to open network widget - no dice, also the main black arrow which should pop up the full set of widgets does not open - just get a long blue bar across all of them. Second click on anything which wont open and the blue bar disappears. Still on TW KDE Plasma 5 with latest updates.


Try a different user to see if it works for them your configs may be messed up. Can happen if you have keeped setting between multiple version or OS

This problem keeps happening on TW and also now on two laptops running Leap 42.3. I suspect it cold be an issue with settings being carried over between KDE Plasma releases. However I am loathed to have a new home each time as it requires everything to be set up again. Can anyone suggest a limited number of settings directories which I can rename to make sure Plasma is set up fresh each time but allows all my other settings to remain the same?