Problem with sysex messages

Back in 2012 I used rosegarden connected to timidity and placed segments with sysex (system exclusive) messages on the first track to change the tuning of some notes during playback to compose arabic music. At that time it worked right. But now rosegarden is not sending the sysex messages to timidity anymore. I created a file with sysex messages to change tunings of notes during playback exported it to midi and played it using pmidi with timidity as output and the tuning change worked. However when I played the original rg file using timidity as output I got no tuning change.
I have tried the same thing in another computer with solydxk (a debian based and compatible linux) and the sysex were sent correctly. What could be the difference from midi in opensuse and in debian? Are there modules that are not loaded? Is there another architeture?
Can anyone help to find out how can I make rosegarden send out sysex messages?
I’ll be very thankful.