problem with suse on dell studio 1555

hi guys…i’m new at linux, so i need your help :slight_smile: i have instaled open SuSE on my dell studio 1555(core 2 duo T6500, ati radeon 3470…) and there are som problem whitch i cannot solve. i have browsed the internet but i didn’t find solutions to these problems:
-i cannot change the brightness on it(it is always same when i move with the brightness bar…)
-i cannot play music on amarok, rhytmbox and other players…only XMMS plays the music…and there is another problem too…on windows(7) is the music much more louder than in linux, for example: i play music on XMMS then i play it on winamp throught wine and it is much more louder

please help…i have spend 2 day with browsing the net and i didn’t find any solutions…oh there were some solution for ubuntu but i cannot apply it for suse, and i dont want ubuntu, cause it is ugly, i like suse design and the whole suse…
so help as soon as possible :’(

I also do not worry I have the same problem, I’ve searched forums but can not find anything good … The only thing left is to wait or build the solution. While playing keep googling

Nice laptop!

You probably should start a separate thread here entitled:

Cannot change laptop brightness w/Radeon HD3450
because the current title is so general it is not likely to get the support you deserve.

Typically it is MUCH better to put each problem in its own thread with a Title that summarizes the problem. If one puts a “rant” or “funny” or 'general subject ’ in the Title, the odds are the experts will unfortunately ignore it and the post will never be answered , which is what happened to iwaneez.

This is solveable. Do you still have the problem?

This may be tricky to solve, and its possible it may be necessary to raise a bug report here. Are you still interested in trying to solve this? If so, please advise as there are some diagnostic commands I would want you to run (prior to raising a bug report - if needed).

lucho2004 ? What hardware do you have? Also a Dell Studio 1555 with a Radeon HD3470 graphics hardware?