Problem with Suse 10.3

Hi all!

Sorry by my english not good!

i have problem with th suse 10.3:
i used 10.3 three month ago but yesterday when i turn on pc can not run Suse. i put cd suse 10.3 to repair but error Patition
Everybody help me fix it. Thanks a lot

10.3 is no longer supported, you know that right?

Do you have a live CD? Any linux live CD?

thanks for reply .are you mean i need install by live cd.i wil down it now…thanks again!

No I didn’t mean that.

I don’t know your circumstances, why you are still using 10.3. For all I know, you might have your reasons.
I was going to suggest you use a live CD to report the result of this from a terminal
Become su

fdisk -l

Post the result and I will know what your partitioning is.

If you plan to re-install a newer version, (11.2) I recommend the DVD, but if your internet speed is limited, a CD will do fine.

What do you want to do?

i have remove a softwear by zypper rm …and today i can start Suse and this problem occur now i need repair or new install :frowning:

In view of the fact that your system is outdated. Might it be best to plan a New Install of 11.2?
A live CD in the mean time will let you grab any files you need to backup.

A small one - like Parted Magic will do

I suspect something went serious wrong on the hard drive. This may indicate the hard drive is damaged. You should run a low level scan program from the HD maker and see if the HD can be recovered or you may need a new one. :’(