problem with sony vaio z31 graphics

sony vaio z31xnb, graphics GMA X4500MHD/GeForce 9300GS
=two graphic cards.
Open Suse 11.4

Switching works not, hdmi works not.

Seems like both graphic cards are working simultaneously. The heat from the fan is much bigger than when I am running Windows and is pressing me reboot to Windows after some minutes each time when I try Linux.

The same problem is with Ubuntu 11.10.
This hw has no problems in MS windows.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Perform a search in the forums for ‘vga-switcheroo’.

Some hybrid graphics implementations add to the challenge of switching the active graphics chipset. The architecture used with Sony Vaio Z32 appears to be one of them. I can really only point you at

Linux Hybrid Graphics: vga_switcheroo code makes it into linux-next

Here is an Ubuntu thread which is quite illuminating. The solutions outlined here probably offer your best chance of supporting this graphics hardware for the moment.

Info concerning the first generation graphics switching used in the Sony Z series:

Interestingly, this article suggests that although the Sony Z31 is not specified as having Optimus hybrid technology, it seems some research indicates that deep down it may be (if that makes sense):

NVIDIA’s Optimus uncovered in Sony VAIO Z, along with TRIM support? – Engadget

For Optimus based graphics, you may wish to consider trying bumblebee for dynamic nvidia card selection; (the intel card will be used by default). No promises though, YMMV.

No vga_switcheroo

A useful bumblebee guide: