Problem with signing in MetaTrader4 (MT4)

Hi All

I have been install MetaTrader4 through wine.
The installation process seems to be fine untill I have to create an account.
It allows me to fill in my personal details & runs untill the last point where it is supposed to generate a Login name & password then it just hangs.
I have read a few other threads about installing MT4 on Linux & found that one of the main problem people have is that linux doesn’t have all the windows fonts required by MT4. I went & downloaded the windows fonts from
I then rebooted my pc but still had the same problem.
I uninstalled MT4 & wine & reinstalled it via my terminal.
The same problem occurred except this time I had a few message boxes that popped up.


unable to find Windows program configured to open this type of file.
undll32exe = NET Framework Initialuzation Errror

 Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application.

 Is on windows program configured to this type of file 

I am running opensuse 13.1 32 bit
Any assistance will be appreciated.


Applologies I see I made a bad error when I copied & pasted my question form the word processor to the thread.
The second message box read

    	 	 	 	rundll32exe = NET Framework Initialization Error 

I have rebooted my system & the messages have disappeared but metaTrader4 still hangs.

How can I do a trace back to try & determine what the error is?

Maybe check on the wine site.

There may be needed additional dll’s from windows for net framework