problem with script for suspend to disk - please help!

hi everyone. the good news: i got suspend to disk working.
i added a script to unload the wlan modules before shutdown

rmmod -f rt2500usb
rmmod -f rt73usb

and load them after start

modprobe rt2500usb
modprobe rt73usb

and it works :wink: at least when the state of the powercalbe stays the same.
if i remove the powercable after shutdown and start without cable or the other way arround, there seems to be no way to get the network running.
the strange thing:
when i suspend to disk again and put the power cable back on and start again then the wlan works again.

just to be straight after normal boot the wlan works fine in both modes with power cable on or off.

please tell me what could go wrong here. i was so happy that i finaly hava a suspend mode working and now its very frustrating.

i made progress

if i dont use the script but set the variable

SUSPEND_MODULES=“rt73usb rt2500usb”

it works also when the state of the power cable changes during downtime.
however i have to restart kde networkmanager (kde3) because it does not respond clicks on wlan.
any help?