Problem with running Tor Browser Bundle Script

I have downloaded the Tor Browser Bundle which comprises Tor, Vidalia, Polipo and a version of Firefox together with a startup shell script.
My trouble is the script exits with error message but as I am still learning I do not understand the message. Here is the result of running the script in terminal:-

"Launching Tor Browser Bundle for Linux in /home/Alice/Downloads/tor-browser_en-US
No protocol specified
vidalia: cannot connect to X server :0.0

Exited cleanly. Goodbye."

Now there is nothing on the Tor Project website about passing any protocol parameters or arguments to the program other than debug and I wouldn’t know what to do with any debug output.

If anybody can shine any light on this please help.

So I have never heard of this script, but perhaps you could copy the script and past it here into a code block for us to see. Mention the exact names of any files included with it if it is not something easy to understand like firefox would be and maybe we can help here. What does this script hope to accomplish for you?

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On 2010-10-29 01:36, Budgie2 wrote:

> “Launching Tor Browser Bundle for Linux in
> /home/Alice/Downloads/tor-browser_en-US
> No protocol specified
> vidalia: cannot connect to X server :0.0
> Exited cleanly. Goodbye.”

That message is typical of programs running in text mode and needing a graphical environment, or
running in the graphical environment but under a different user.

If that is not the case, then someone would have to look at that script.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

Hi and thanks for the replies. The script is a file named “start-tor-browser” and it is intended to start tor and firefox set up in a tor compatible mode. According to the Readme:-

Included applications

Vidalia 0.2.10 (with Qt 4.6.2)
Tor (with libevent-1.4.13, zlib-1.2.3 and openssl-0.9.8l)
Firefox 3.6.11
_ Torbutton 1.2.5
|_ NoScript
|_ BetterPrivacy 1.48.3
|_ HTTPS Everywhere 0.2.2


Extract the bundle with:

tar -xvzf tor-browser-gnu-linux*.tar.gz

This will create a directory named tor-browser_LANG. Click on this directory or
cd into it and execute the ‘start-tor-browser’ script. This will start Vidalia.
Once Tor has successfully opened a circuit, Firefox will automatically be

To exit, close Firefox. Vidalia will automatically clean up and exit.

Here is the script from the file:-
cat start-tor-browser

GNU/Linux does not really require something like RelativeLink.c

However, we do want to have the same look and feel with similiar features.

In the future, we may want this to be a C binary with a custom icon but at the moment

it’s quite simple to just use a shell script

To run in debug mode simply pass --debug

Copyright 2010 The Tor Project. See LICENSE for licensing information.

if $1 ]; then
printf "
Debug enabled.


Try to be agnostic to where we’re being started from, chdir to where

the script is.

mydir="$(dirname $0)"
test -d “$mydir” && cd “$mydir”

If ${PWD} results in a zero length HOME, we can try something else…

if ! “${PWD}” ]; then
# “hacking around some braindamage”
export HOME
surveysays=“This system has a messed up shell.
export HOME

if ldd ./App/Firefox/firefox-bin | grep -q “*not found”; then

export LDPATH

if any relevant processes are running, inform the user and exit cleanly

for process in tor vidalia polipo privoxy
do pid=pidof $process
if -n “$pid” ]; then
printf "
$process is already running as PID $pid


if $RUNNING -eq 1 ]; then
printf "Please shut down the above process(es) before running Tor Browser Bundle.

exit 0

if “${debug}” ]; then
if -n “${surveysays}” ]; then
printf "
Survey says: $surveysays


            # this is likely unportable to Mac OS X or other netstat binaries
            for port in "8118" "9050"
                    BOUND=`netstat -tan 2>&1|grep":${port}^:]"|grep -v TIME_WAIT`
                    if  "${BOUND}" ]; then
                    printf "

Likely problem detected: It appears that you have something listening on ${port}
printf "
We think this because of the following: ${BOUND}

            printf "

Starting Vidalia now
cd “${HOME}”
printf "
Launching Vidalia from: pwd
./App/vidalia --loglevel debug --logfile vidalia-debug-log
–datadir Data/Vidalia/
printf "
Vidalia exited with the following return code: $?

not in debug mode, run proceed normally

printf "
Launching Tor Browser Bundle for Linux in ${HOME}
cd “${HOME}”
./App/vidalia --datadir Data/Vidalia/
printf "
Exited cleanly. Goodbye.

I did try running as root thinking I had some permissions wrong and that did start Vidalia which promptly stopped. I also had messages about not owning if I recall correctly.

If you can shine any light on this I would be most grateful.