Problem with Realtek LAN 8102EL


I had install suse 11.0
it’s working fine but I have sume problem with
Realtek 8102EL network card.

It is not connecting to server.
Even network is not avalleble.
I sought, I need a driver of this card.

Who can give help to me finding diriver of this card?

Why did you install an older version?
This card is supported on recent versions.

Thanks syampillai!

Now I have not faster internet,
because I am trying to find
driver of this card.

Or, who can send new suse DVD package by post?

If you are in the UAE, I can send you a DVD copy. Also, I can arrange one if you are based in Kerala, India.
Otherwise, post your location, someone near to your location can help you.

Thank you so much **syampillai\b]!

My location is: Central Asia,
Uzbekistan, Tashkent city.**