Problem with Photosmart c7280 wireless

Somewhat new to Linux.
I’m running OpenSuse 11.2 and have been having some problems with my c7280 “all-in-One”. I initially configured the printer through Yast using the Network IP: Port and driver method. I can get the printer to work correctly, however scanner is not detected even with HP setup. I can’t seem to manually configure the scanner.
I have downloaded the latest version of HPLIP 3.9.12 and performed an automatic install, the printer is detected, but I can’t seem to print though I am able to detect the scanner and install it correctly. The scan function does work.
The HPLIP Status Service appears in the System tray, where I can access the Device Manager, and perform a number of functions. It seems I can do everything but print, this includes printing a test page. I was suspecting a firewall restriction, however I feel this would block me from scanning as well as other functions.
I am wired directly to a wireless router (DLink655), the printer is connected wirelessly to the same router (IP address is reserved). The printer functions correctly when I boot to Windows

I have a HP C7180 photosmart printer and also had some problems to connect the printer in opensuse. Indeed I think the problem is the firewall preventing opensuse to search printers in the network. I used hp-setup to configure the printer. Look up the ip address of the printer. You can easily do this in the network setup menu on the printer. Configure a new printer using the hp-setup program. Select a new wireless netwokr printer and manual configuration. There enter the ip address of your printer and everything should work fine. I use yast to configure the photosmart sanner function. Once you installed the printer yast picks up the scanner automatically.

My understanding is printing uses a different port than scanning, and hence it could be firewall.

I have scanning and printing working on some of my PCs on my home LAN with an HP Photosmart Premium C309a. On the two PCs where scanning did NOT work, I note they are on a sub-LAN, behind a second router and the second router’s firewall. I managed to get scanning working on one of those two PCs by putting that PC in the second router’s exclusion zone. But the other PC on the sublan, which can print from the sublan, can not scan from the sublan. Its possible I could sort the ports if this was real important to me, but its not so important and I definitely do not want to take the time to sort the ports.

All my computers on the main LAN can both print and scan, as there are no router firewall issues there. I did have to open the appropriate openSUSE firewall port on each PC.

I note WinXP will NOT print nor scan from the sublan (contrary to Linux which will print/scan from one PC and print from a second PC). Again, its a firewall issue, tied with my being more familiar with Linux than WinXP when it comes to configuring a computer.

I documented my efforts (including my printer procurement) here:
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